Birkenstock season
Birkenstock season
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We are delighted to present the new Birkenstock catalogues.
We offer many of the popular classics in a range of equipment with a variety of features, for example the Arizona,
Boston and Tokyo models fitted with either regular or super grip soles. If you are looking for a
particular favourite item of yours, please click the product tree overview in our contents
index on the left.
If you are a lover of fine craftsmanship and individuality,
make sure you don’t miss the exquisite and Heidi Klum styles. Within the
Exquisite styles the familiar Birkenstock footbed is
painstakingly hand-lined with fine nappa leather so that
the footbed and upper material form a single harmonious
look. Golden lettering on the footbed gives the styles an
elegant appearance.

Enjoy Birkenstock sandals and shoes at Jestel and Gobuyeurope.

Birkenstock 2010 / 2011
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Birkenstock sandals clogs and shoes - an overview

Materials and padding:

Soft footbed styles
We offer special cushioned (padded) soft footbed styles. These styles include an extra soft layer beneeth the upper lining along the full length of the footbed. If you need any non cushioned styles to be padded you are welcome to use our "custom request" button to request special padding with your order.

Nubuk - (Nubuk Leather)
In order to keep the fine look and brilliance of suede one should use a suede brush and suede spray. Let the shoe dry out very slow and brush up the material later on so that the leather does not get stiff.

Suede - (Velours Leather)
This leather can be washed when the material gets to dirty. Dry very slow to avoid that the material becomes stiff. To keep the velours effekt of the tiny hairs you should brush the leather with a special crepe- or brass brush. Afterwards spray with a velours spray.

Leather, greased, grained, vegetable tanned and waxy leather
Use a soft and dry cloth with a little shoe polish. For grained leather use a special shoe polish.

Microfiber is a completely synthetic material which is breathable and should be treated with a moist cloth.

Antistatic shoes can be treated in the same way as common shoes.

Overview Birkenstock 2010

Overview Birkenstock 2010

catalog 2011
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